Adam Marr

My name is Adam Marr and I am a 21 year old designer from Bolton. My skills in design mostly revolve around brand strategy and marketing as well as packaging design. I enjoy developing my skill set in design and love working with different people. I love branding because I love working with clients and turning their ideas into something real and well designed.

Reduce Commercial Fishing

With the government continuing to not deliver on their pledge to reduce commercial fishing and sourcing food products from countries that use trawling and other overfishing methods, there is a need for the people of Britain to rise up together and point the blame at the government. Without people campaigning against commercial fishing our oceans will be destroyed. A well designed campaign is needed that uses environmentally friendly materials and pushes for change in legislation.

Astronaut Magazine

This project required us to create a magazine based around a topic of interest. The deliverables included a series of covers as well as a client pitch and website.

Aspect Angels

Our client reached out to us to create a brand identity for a new Angel Investing Network. It needed to be fresh, representing a new industry collective called SHAPE and needed to be trustworthy and professional. We created an icon that worked as a badge, but also paired well with a custom typeface. It utilised colours that were similar to their parent company, but stood out as its own identity. We developed a set of brand guidelines as well as logo variants for different applications.