Alex Gwynne

Hi there ? I’m Alex Gwynne, a devoted designer and ambitious entrepreneur. My experience in both design and co-operatively leading a business has allowed me to understand the strategic implementation of design specifically using design as a tool for branding, as well as digital marketing. Throughout my experience, I have worked across a series of unique projects which required individual design solutions. These have allowed me to develop my knowledge and skillset in typography, branding, UX/UI design, and packaging.


Riser is a non-profit record label based in Reading but operates across the Thames Valley. Risers’ purpose is to springboard less privileged, underrepresented artists within the area. As a team, we analysed our client brief and organised a meeting to confirm the details and clarify the specifications of the brief. The brand needed to be distinct from Readipop’s visual identity, yet can hint at the label’s links to the charity. The brand needed to reflect the eclectic mix of genres and artists to feature the label, as well as the locality (Reading), whilst also appearing contemporary and youthful. Another challenge was creating a brand which appeared diverse.

Natural Lifts

Natural Lifts is a natural, organic weightlifting brand, that aims to prevent and rehabilitate the number of males who are using anabolic steroids. Natural Lifts partners with the Body Dismoprhia Disorder Foundation to donate a percentage of its profits to its cause. This was a self-directed project as a part of one of my optional modules at UoR Typography and Graphic Communication. This meant I had to design my own brief through different iterations and approval from lecturers. The brief for this project required a visual identity and guidelines document for a ‘natural weightlifting’ company, which sells fitness apparel and sports supplements. One of the primary outputs from the brand focuses on a social media awareness/marketing campaign, as a method to push its message. Other deliverables required designs for the brand’s products, both fitness apparel and sports supplements.


Viva is a web app that aims to provide a set of nutritional management tools to fitness enthusiasts and individuals with medical conditions. The brief for this project focused on exploring design across multiple devices, with a focus on user experience. The web app was required to have an adaptive layout, yet consistent in message & feel. Through using user experience research processes such as user interviews, user testing, personas, and mental models, the web app needed to address the needs of my specific audience and solve their problems through a range of different functions.