Amina Gawhari

Hello, I’m Amina. I am always an ambitious and well-rounded graphic designer and artist who takes great pride in the expression and quality of my work. Having completed the third year of the Typography & Graphic Communication course, I am an experienced graduate in graphic design projects.

Penicillin Poster Series

Designing a series of posters to raise awareness for parents on Penicillin Mislabelling allergy and antibiotic resistance. Using statistics and repetition, the audience would be engaged with the content shown. I’ve used Adobe illustrator to create these posters series.

Designing for engagement and clarity

A project explaining Adaptive Approach and Adaptive pathways specifically in the context of FCERM strategy in a changing climate. This is a social media post carousel to ensure that it helps to explain the concept and the benefits of AAs and APs to getting stakeholders to work with the EA to develop APs and deliver the overall Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM).

Kliora food ordering app

Designing and prototyping a user-centred application using wireframes and other industry relevant research/problem solving tools, and developing a pitch-ready concept, using a digital design software (Adobe XD). Kliora is a smart food ordering app, it will provide an ultimate selection to the user, depending on their options. The app consists of features such as quick quiz for convenient food ordering, categories options, recommended meals, top rated and potentially a quick track order tool.