Amna Rehman

As a designer I am able to represent a million words through type, text, colour and illustration. The influence behind graphic design is limitless and I look forward to designing graphics that will play a part in our future.

Easter Egg Kit Co.

For this project I worked alongside a team, we rebranded the Easter Egg Kit Co. packaging and logo for their chocolate mould kits. The client wanted to keep the recycled paper bag idea from their original packaging design so we designed paper slips that would go over the paper bags for each kit. Each kit has a different Easter themed colour to help customers differentiate between the different chocolate kits. We also redesigned the instruction sheet inside each kit so that it is up to date with the new packaging slip. We all used our own strengths in design to work on different parts of the design process to produce a final piece made of our best work combined.

Penicillin - Mislabelled Allergy and Antibiotic Resistance

During this project I had to research the risks of being mislabelled as having a Penicillin allergy and find a way to translate that information to the public. I had to gather the information that I thought was most relevant and would impact my audience. It was important to make this poster stand out and capture the attention of my audience as it contains important information that needs to be shared. It was challenging trying to find ways to make simple information more fascinating to look at. Whilst designing this poster I made artboards to keep track of and record progress within my design process.

Designing for Large and Small Formats

For this project I designed a poster, leaflet and social media post for the London Jazz Festival. It was important to make all three materials for the festival look consistent in design. This project helped me in planning and learning what information to put on each programme as well as deciding what style of leaflet would be appropriate for the information that needed to be included in the leaflet. The information on each output had to be different as each output was targeting a different audience and would have been used for different purposes and distributed on different platforms. I had to look at existing Jazz designs to inspire my own as I had very little knowledge of the theme.