Becky Allen

Hi, my name is Becky Allen and I am an enthusiastic young designer who has a passion for illustration and packaging design. I have worked on multiple projects across my course at the University of Reading and have found a deep love for creating and bringing briefs to life through the use of graphic design. I have acquired many skills in web, editorial, and print design as well as a love for digital illustration. I am well versed in many design softwares, including Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, and Adobe XD.

TY3SK: Freyja & Thor

For this project, I was allowed to create my own brief. I decided to create a brand for red haired individuals (such as myself) as I often struggle to find natural red hair care companies that help my red locks. And just like that Freyja & Thor was born. I created both the branding and packaging design for this project.

TY3DP3: Harmony

For this project, I designed an interactive web app called Harmony. Harmony aims to combat common mental health problems, such as anxiety, through quick and effective tracking. Just answer 5 questions everyday to learn more about your mental health.

TY3PD: Tails

For this project, I redesigned the wet dog food packaging for dog food company, Tails.com. These designs use bright and colourful illustrations of the ingredients to make the designs more unique in the market.