Chloe Yau

Hi I am Chloe ! Hong Kong has always been an inspirational city to me, since living in such a cosmopolitan city always fosters new ideas for graphic design. During 3 years in UoR, A dynamic learning environment help me became an independent thinker and a proactive designer.

“360° World” Magazine design

In today’s world, we have countless cosmopolitan, diverse, eclectic and fascinating cities, all of which have their own unique culture, cuisine, history, and stories. There is a wide range of topics we cover in 360° World, and some of these include interviews, business, news, health, culture, and ideas. It explores every aspect of a city and enables the user to gain a better understanding of their culture, life and way of living. When covid-19 was in effect, people could not travel easily, but readers could access 3D information in 360° World. In choosing yellow and black as our theme color, we wanted it to be attention-grabbing. joyful, and cheery for the reader.

'Amber Undercover' Book cover design

Book cover design for Oxford University Press’s children’s book ‘Amber Undercover’

'Nuro' Web app design

Nuro is a mobile web site and a web app designed for both strict and casual dieters who want to  nd suitable recipes and create a meal plan to follow. With nuro, users can also track their daily food intake with nutrition information. Generally, people fail at dieting because they do not know what to eat due to certain dietary restrictions, or they lose inspiration and motivation during the dieting process, or they overdo certain things without knowing how much nutrition they consume. In other words, the two topics to be covered are “Health” and “Nutrition”.