Cristèle Sarić

Hi, I’m Cristèle! I’m a keen and highly motivated graphic designer and love to come up with creative solutions to design problems! I enjoy editorial and UX design, but I like to think I can remain open to all areas that would need a problem to solve! Check out my design gram to see more of my work :)

Sati, responsive web app

Sati directly translates to the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness. It provides personalised programs to users who suffer from phobias; these programs range from meditation, and journaling to exposure therapy. Sati’s main goal is to provide support on its user’s journeys to overcome their phobias.

An independent magazine: Astro_whore

This editorial project was in the aim to create an independent magazine surrounding an aspect of visual culture. As my response to the brief, I decided to create Astro_whore, an independent magazine that would be targeted at young adults. As per the name, Astro_whore focuses on astrology and the visual culture surrounding each sign in every issue. It aims to be published every month around about the time of each zodiac sign’s season.

Award-winning: the Alana House cookbook

As part of the Real jobs scheme at the University of Reading, I designed the illustrations and book cover for the Alana House. The Alana House is a women’s shelter, which aimed to have this book be sold as a fundraiser for their charity, PACT. By collating the work of their service users into the recipes, this unordinary cookbook contained artwork, creative writing and poetry alongside the recipes. For this creative cookbook, I was in charge of designing the illustrations on the inside pages and their section dividers.