Georgia Ejihritobo

As a designer, I’ve always been most passionate about the problem-solving and decision making aspects of design as they encourage the most creativity. I’d describe myself as a creative and highly motivated individual which I feel bleeds into my design work. I aspire to help and inspire others through my work hence why I’ve taken a major interest in Branding and UX/UI Design. I work well on my own but thoroughly enjoy working with others. In the future, I hope to build on my skills and hopefully work on more amazing projects.

Bury Your Gays

Bury your gays is a queer media magazine aiming to explore representation in film and television. From Tropes like the magazine’s namesake ‘Bury Your Gays’ to queercoding to the queer talent behind the camera, they seek to find queerness in visual media where ever it may be hiding. Every issue that we produce explores a single genre and looks at what queer representation lies within the genre.

Help Out

Help Out is an app that aims to help users navigate their relationship with their local food banks. Users are able to access the stock of their chosen food bank, buy items for their food bank and volunteer for their chosen food bank. The app at its heart intends to connect the public with local food banks.

Make Change Climate Campaign

The Make Change Climate Campaign was a media campaign designed as part of the Design For Change Module I undertook during my third year at Reading. The campaign aimed to inform the public about climate change and encourage people to participate in climate activism.