Grace Gibbs

Hi, my name is Grace and I would describe myself as a creative bookworm. I focus mainly on editorial projects and love to design covers to bring the stories on the pages into the visual space. I also love illustration and art and the use of hand lettering in my designs. I am excited to develop a career in the publishing industry and explore all the valuable skills I have learned here in Reading in a professional environment.

NEURO magazine

Neuro is a triannual publication exploring the representations, good and bad, of mental health in film with each issue focusing on a specific illness. The magazine is aimed at educating a younger audience about the importance of representation but also to help them to feel they are recognised and offer guidance to individuals suffering from these disorders. The magazine is full of small doodles and scribbles to represent our unorganised minds and the way we think in patterns. The doodles flow around the words and interact with images to keep the representation of chaos in our brains running through the magazine as we don’t ever stop thinking even when reading and processing other information.

OUP children's book covers

A cover design for both ‘Amber Undercover’ and ‘A Story Like the Wind’. Both briefs were given to us by designers at Oxford University Press to design 2 distinct covers for different audiences. ‘Amber Undercover’ is aimed at girls aged 9+ whereas ‘A Story Like the Wind’ was to be redesigned as a gift book for 7-9 year olds of any gender.


Spero is a website designed for people with an eating disorder who are looking for resources to help cope with their disorder. It connects users to others with similar experiences to share advice and allow users to gain confidence and encouragement without being pushed out of their comfort zone. The website was developed through thorough research with potential users and began with various interviews to understand users’ needs and goals. It has undergone user testing to develop the functionality and layout of the site as well as the overall impression that it conveys.