Hannah Mariette

Hey I am Hannah, I am about to complete my Undergraduate degree in Graphic communication, currently averaging a first. I can create engaging and successful projects for a range of areas, from social media posts to printed editorials. I have selected a variety of different projects over the space of my degree helping me discover a passion in UX/UI and developing my interest in packaging. I have been able to work with real life clients, gaining experience in customer relations and working with a boss. I am incredibly excited to see what my next chapter holds.

Penicillin allergy VS the side effects of penicillin

Information design project giving parents information about true penicillin allergy VS the side effects of penicillin. The project works to reduce any fears of the child’s safety and educate them about the benefits of being able to take penicillin if someone is not truly allergic.

Chronic Clinic website

Website created to help people manage chronic illnesses, providing them with the tools to help and link them to a community. The mobile and desktop versions are displayed, showing how different platforms must adapt to content.