Jemima Hughes

Hi, I’m Jemima; I’m an enthusiastic, people-oriented person. Unorthodox creative problem solving is my strong point. Studying graphic communication & typography has enabled me to become a thinking designer skilled in a variety of disciplines who always keeps users at the forefront of design decisions. I’m eager to expand my UX design experience after thoroughly enjoying design sprints led by designers at the BBC and other projects I have completed, overseen by visual designers from IBM, both of which were led by Reading graduates which I was pleased to hear!


Cluecose+ is the diabetes tracking web app designed to help users understand how food, insulin & lifestyle can affect their blood sugar. Creating this web app has been an excellent opportunity to develop my UX and UI design skills. Developing an interactive & responsive dashboard design on Figma and interviewing users has been a particular highlight of the project.

Penicillin allergy information sticker chart

Understanding the difference between a penicillin allergy and a reaction, as severe as it may be, can be complicated. As this kind of allergy testing doesn’t happen in the UK, once an allergy is on someone’s medical records it will likely stay there for life, which can be potentially life-threatening. That is why this information design is aimed at young children and their carers, so the difference is learnt early to avoid a mislabeled allergy! A magnetic sticker chart on the fridge is the perfect place to intercept both the adult and child’s daily life as they will keep their medicine in the fridge, therefore will see the deliverable every time they take their medicine. Additionally, the larger stickers can be worn by the child, meaning any childminders or carer can see the link to the website for additional information.

Hampshire Rugby Union website & rebrand

Working alongside a fellow student and having our design overseen by a visual designer from IBM has been an insightful and inspiring experience and one that has influenced me to pursue a career in user experience design. The clients were looking to refresh their logo to attract a younger audience whilst sustaining the tradition behind their current design loved by their long-standing Hampshire. Seeing the rebrand in use has been a rewarding experience, and I’m glad to see the website is rapidly moving up the ranks to 9th place on the CMS Pitchero!