Kate Stolyarova

I would mainly describe myself as an editorial designer, and for the past few years of my degree I have been experimenting with combining art and design into something engaging and creative. I studied fine art since I was in primary school, always using drawing as an outlet; I studied graphic design to branch out to different types of media, and now I love combining them into something unique. Design to me has become something very personal, a way for me to help people and to express myself. To quote Ed Fella: “Rules are taught to be broken, only exceptionally”.

Surface magazine

A very personal project for me – the idea was to experiment with layout, type and visual form in order to make something as engaging and strange as possible; at least two new display typefaces per article, a foundation of Swiss design (as always) with all sorts of experimental weirdness layered on top.

Packaging: redesigning 'This is all yours' by alt-j

Slightly cryptic, deliberately decorative and homely (just like those sets at indie shows with old carpets on the floor, and flowers everywhere). Vast, nostalgic and full of interesting details to resemble the band’s sound. The album series comes with two limited edition picture disks, two cassettes and a bottle of sake.


This is one of those display fonts for vintage raves, and everything flowy and organic. When designing, I was looking for contrast and dynamic forms. I am a huge fan of weird fonts that almost look like patterns – the weirder the better! Pair with Helvetica to raise some eyebrows, or make it deliberately unreadable for a bedroom pop album cover.