Lachlan Young

Hello, I’m Lachlan. I am an enthusiastic and determined designer, with a keen eye for detail. I strive to create exciting and impactful designs that are user focused and invoke conversation and discussion. Having worked across a range of different projects I have developed an advanced skillset, this has developed into a passion for editorial, packaging and branding. Throughout my time at Reading, I have developed into a confident and adaptive designer. I am motivated by all facets of design and am excited to contribute towards the evolving industry.


Toxic, an independent magazine breaking the barriers of social issues that could be considered somewhat ‘toxic’. Many topics are still at the forefront of our society today and are considered hard-hitting and NEED to be discussed. Gaining the unique views of a wide range of people, finding out what ‘issue title’ means to them. Featuring exquisite photography and impactful writing Toxic is a unique publication that that focuses on people and their opinions, giving a voice to everyone.

The Outing

The Outing is a monthly newspaper aimed at queer people wanting to understand more about the queer community. It provides a safe space for the community to come together and learn about the impact on LGBTQIA+ lives around the world. Very much inspired by news platforms such as GayTimes and PinkNews, however both of these platforms are based online. There is a lack of purely queer representation in print media, especially within hard news, The Outing is here to fill this space in the news market. Delving into global and local LGBTQIA+ news.

HeyCandy chocolate packaging

The redesign of HeyCandy’s chocolate bar creme range. The design plays on the concept of the different flavours of each chocolate bar. With the brand message and ideals already set out HeyCandy needed chocolate bars and the branding to match the upbeat and vibrant energy that the company already convey. This project involved the creation of physical packaging, alongside digital mockups to demonstrate how packaging needs to have the same amount of impact when seen online.