Lamar Kaki

An ambitious and creative designer who loves to tackle new challenges and explore diverse design briefs. I have a particular interest in editorial, packaging design and illustrations. All the projects I have worked on during my degree have taught me valuable practical skills but more importantly, design thinking and focusing on user experience. Eager to enter the professional design industry to learn, collaborate and grow my skills.

Dr.Choc's packaging

Dr.Choc’s has a sugar-free line of chocolate that celebrates the medicinal effects of cacao beans. The company is inspired by Mayan culture and this is reflected in the Mayan mask illustrations I have created that form part of the brand’s identity. Redesigning the packaging for the various flavours of chocolate and the shopping bag entailed considering the brand’s vision, mission, inspiration and slogan. This design aimed to highlight a cultural symbol of the Mayan culture and add an interactive and fun element by which customers can mix and match the masks to create new combinations.

Rough magazine

Rough is an independent magazine for the creative and curious. It celebrates and appreciates everything created by the artist and their unique and unexpected creative process. Why throw a piece you have created? Why hide it away? it is all part of an artist’s identity and what makes their work different. This magazine creates a physical platform for artists to showcase and share their views, unfinished pieces and process. Issues are designed to each cover a particular art style or movement. The design of the inner spreads reflects the nature of the work presented through colour choices, image scale and background effects.

HYPO responsive website

HYPO is a responsive web app created to assist and support people with hypothyroidism. It holds all the essential information they might need and offers personalised solutions and plans for a better lifestyle. A main feature of HYPO is questionnaires that would determine the causes of issues and develop personalised and attainable exercise and diet plans. Part of focusing on the responsiveness of the website was to ensure a similar user experience and overall tone are present on both mobile and desktop versions. This was achieved mainly through modular design elements and user testing. The visual design of HYPO includes organic shapes seen in the illustrations, rounded shapes and buttons and a harmonious colour palette to appeal to mental health and encourage users to revisit the website.