Lauren Field

I have always had a passion for design and I enjoy trying new things and experimenting with a variety of different methods and techniques. I love working digitally but I also love to pick up a pen and sketch and draw something out for myself. I have a particular interest in editorial design (I love designing book covers) and design for social media.

Gut Feeling website

Website design for TY3DP3 Multiple Devices which allows users to track their IBS symptoms over a period of time and receives advice and support from qualified professionals.

A Story like the Wind ~ book cover design

A book cover I designed for ‘A story like the wind’ as part of TY2DP2 Editorial. I created the illustrations and background using Procreate and different brushes to emulate the sea. A Story like the Wind is about a group of refugees as they travel across the sea in a boat in the hope of a better and safer future. As they travel, the stories they tell are painted across the sky.