Lucy Letzer

As a detail-orientated individual who loves problem-solving, I have developed a real interest in UX and UI design during my studies, but I am most passionate about information design. I take pride in my organised mindset and ability to adapt to problems which emerge during a project. I thoroughly enjoy the process of transforming complex information into digestible content and find satisfaction in producing design work which empowers my users. During my final year of study, I have become particularly engaged with design for the health sector, something I would like to explore further within my design work and career.

Penicillin Wall Infographic

An information design project, exploring how complex information about false penicillin allergies can be translated into digestible and engaging content, in this case for pregnant women. False penicillin allergies are an issue within the UK population – with 10% of the population believing they have a penicillin allergy and only 1% truly having a penicillin allergy. For pregnant women, who are given penicillin as a first-line antibiotic if required during pregnancy or birth, tackling these false penicillin allergies during early pregnancy is important. Without penicillin allergy testing available in the UK, this project explores an alternative way to approach educating pregnant women about this topic through the design and creation of a wall infographic.

UX SleepSmart Web App

A UX and UI project, exploring responsive design by creating a web app for mobile and desktop. This web app, called SleepSmart, focuses on sleep health.​​​​​​​ SleepSmart is designed for individuals who struggle to get enough sleep and would like to get into a regular sleep pattern. The web app provides users with a personalised sleep or bedtime plan to meet their unique needs and goals. Unlike other sleep apps which provide one-off sleep help, SleepSmart creates a long-term plan which gradually eases users into changing their sleep routine so they can reach their goal, using exercises and activities they have selected. The three main pathways through the SleepSmart web app, accessible straight from the home page, allow users to select from the three different options – start a sleep plan, start a bedtime plan and take a sleep quiz. From these options users are guided through a range of steps to create their personalised plan.

Infographic for PhD research thesis

An independent design project completed through the Real Jobs scheme for my client Willemijn Doedens, a PhD student in the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading. With a background in speech and language therapy, the client’s PhD research focuses on aphasia. Aphasia is a language and speech impairment occurring as a result of brain damage. For this project the client requested two infographics to summarise her research conclusions which explore how real-world communications can be defined, how they can be clinically tested and the findings of her research experiments. The main infographic would be included within the research thesis, acting as a visual break from the written content. The second infographic would be used on social media to summarise the full infographic and promote the publication of her research paper.