Mia Biagioni

Hi, I’m Mia. My time at Reading has allowed me to find a passion for editorial and packaging design, however my enjoyment has stretched across all of our projects, from UX/UI to packaging. I’m looking forward to developing myself as a designer, as well as continuing to use what I have learnt over the years in industry.


This quarterly, subscription newspaper is designed for people of the science world with its clean aesthetic holding long and short articles, pull outs, and listings, in its standard tabloid size. Terrestrial focuses on four main sections, which the branding and overall design of the issues are based on: blue for news on oceans, green for sustainability news, red for climate, and yellow for life science news. This is represented throughout the newspaper in its masthead, and typographic detailing, which allows readers to navigate through the different sections from the front cover and throughout the newspaper.


Eleganza magazine is aimed to visually represent drag and LGBTQ+ culture and its history. The design of the magazine is based off of three colours, pink, blue, and yellow, which make up its bright and slightly clashing aesthetic. Its illustrative focus also gives the photographic elements a unique visual identity across the different issues to reflect Eleganza’s brand identity, whilst giving them individuality on their own. Eleganza has a simple and classy body text typeface, allowing readers to actively read the articles and also has a focus on readability and juxtaposing the flashy visual aspects of the magazine.

Australian Gold lotion sunscreen

The design of this packaging is to introduce a new line of lotion sunscreen by Australian Gold, with the purpose of it being functional, yet interesting to use and to look at. Each design for the three different SPFs focuses on it working as a series, as well as on its own, giving it shelf presence in store and in use. The design is based off of the koala featured in Australian Gold’s logo, which is also redesigned for the purpose of this packaging. This design is rewarding to me, as I was able to use my illustration skills in order to make the design of this more visually appealing and unique compared to other sunscreen packaging I observed in my initial research stages of this project.