Salma Abdelwahab

My design journey was bumpy, but I still got there in the end. Ive wanted to be a Designer since I can remember and have been building from that point on to make that dream happen. Starting your own agency is the next step for me and will be working towards producing life changing, business improving designs.


Nermish was established in 2014 as a home business. It is a bakery specializing in custom baking goods including Birthday Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, and a variety of food products. Nermish has a very specific clientele and is considered to be a premium quality business as everything is made especially for the client’s needs, Due to the business starting on a small scale the packaging designs were limited as funding was going into other places for the business to grow. I decided to use this illustration style and color scheme because I thought it is what reflects the brand and its vision and values, the simple light wash of colors complimented the idea of simplicity and femininity. The decision to use flowers was to highlight that the business/ brand is blooming and gives the perception of growth and coming into this new light.

All Yours

All Yours is a Period Poverty Charity located that operates in the West Berkshire area in the United Kingdom. The charity has been active since December of 2020 and was looking to develop a brand identity to be able to have a more recognisable brand in order to allow them to become more recognisable to people in need of their support or people that are interested in donating to the charity. Along side the rebranding a series of deliverables was developed for All yours to use in the future.

Uncensored Culture

Uncensored Culture Magazine was developed to be the guide to experience and learn about the hidden culture and experiences of different countries where their beauty goes beyond the cliche touristic sights and more in-depth with local areas that are hidden gems of the country.