Tori Brooks

Hi! I’m Tori, I have keen interest in editorial design and branding and have appreciation for layouts and how text and image can appear on a page to convey different meaning and tell different stories.

Skin Magazine

Skin Magazine showcases portraiture photography and builds itself around the content. Articles featured includes interviews with photographers, listings on photography events, and photography competitions. With such a variety of articles, a versatile grid was needed to be able to be flexible to a range of content. Each page is a different artistic adventure complimenting the photographers creativity. The magazine prides itself on bold colours, images with vibrancy and patterns that with within the grid system to graphically add to the components on the page.

Penicillin Packaging for Parents

Mislabelling penicillin allergies is one of the most common but dangerous mistakes made in medicine. I developed some packaging for parents caring for their children to help them have a good understanding of the common side effects that their children might experience whilst taking the penicillin vs. the symptoms of an allergic reaction to help combat misdiagnosing penicillin allergies from a young age. Children are often misdiagnosed due to parents being extra cautious of the effects of medicine on their young ones and that they are naturally more likely to experience side effects therefore were the perfect demographic to try and help prevent misdiagnosing in. The packaging uses simple venn diagrams which are easy to read to state the similarities and differences and calming terminology to prevent panic from parents.

From Calls to Party, to Calls to Resign

As part of a word and image project, I looked at story telling the media perception of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, over the years using themes of irony and print vs. screen. The booklet shows the misalign from the beginning of the political career with the press condoning his misogyny, racism and homophobia as him being a fun-loving man whilst the public post on social media his reality of his wrongdoings. The story develops to show the irony in his leadership with his Covid-19 scandals that truly created alignment in the press and publics opinions of him sense ‘from calls to party, to calls to resign’.